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                        Used Automotive Machine Shop Equipment and
                              Engine Rebuilding Equipment For Sale


 Rick Morris                          email:                           phone:   828-208-6000

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Cylinder Head Shop      
DCM Tech 2000     Seat and guide machine (from a college) (like new)        Click here for pictures                     6000.00
     universal head fixture for surfacing machines          Click here for pictures                            299.00
Block Prep Department      

   Click here for pictures

    If you want to sell, I want to buy a Sunnen CK10 CK-10 cylinder hone honing machine in any condition


      I will pay cash and arrange the shipping. Thank you Rick Morris 828-208-6000  
Connecting Rod Shop      
Crankshaft Department      
Cleaning Department      
Empire PS2636   Glass Bead Cabinet            Click here for pictures        excellent used condition 1200.00
Flywheel Department      
Brake Shop      
Mills and Lathes        


Rick Morris                          email:                         phone:   828-208-6000

If you want to sell, I want to buy some used Sunnen Line Hone Honing Mandrels in any condition. I will arrange the shipping. I am looking for 10RY-1800F 10RY-2100F 10RY-2400G 10RY-2700G 10RY-3000H 15RY-3500H 10RY1800F 10RY2100F 10RY2400G 10RY2700G 10RY3000H 15RY3500H 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000 3500 10RY-1800 10RY-2100 10RY-2400 10RY-2700 10RY-3000 15RY-3500 10RY1800 10RY2100 10RY2400 10RY2700 10RY3000 15RY3500 CH-75A Driver CH75A CH75 CH-75 for a Sunnen CH-100 CH100 Line Align Hone Honing Machine. We buy all types of used automotive machine shop and engine rebuilding equipment. Call me at 828-208-6000 or email to I will arrange the shipping. Thank you. Rick Morris.







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